Moving Out? Tips for a More Efficient and Cheaper Move

Moving can be a very exciting time, but it also can be stressful and costly if you don’t properly plan.

You may be moving from your Houston, Texas apartment to the other side of the country; or you might be making a much easier move from your Naples, FL home to a new spot down the block.
Either way, everyone wants to move as efficiently and keep costs down, and here are some tips to help you achieve those goals:

Get Organized Early or This Could Happen

Most moves come with at least some warning, but even if you received a quick but unexpected dream job offer, it’s important to use whatever time you have efficiently. One mover recently told us that she attempted to move into a new home in the same city from a sort-of-packed apartment, a totally furnished and untouched condo, and, in addition, a stuffed storage unit—all on the same day!

She hired a couple of guys with a truck and they first cleaned out her apartment, then went to her condo where they literally threw everything into unmarked boxes, and finally on a hot 100-degree Texas day, they tackled the over-filled and unventilated storage unit.

Five gallons of Gatorade and eight hours later, her new house was filled with boxes and junk. Her husband then made 15 trips the next day picking up odds and ends in his non-air-conditioned Suburban.

The projected $750 move ending up costing over $2500, and the mess took weeks to clean up. In addition, the couple still had to clean their old apartment so that they could get their security deposit back.

One Room at a Time

You know you have to move so just start somewhere. This can be the attic, the basement if you have one, the extra bedroom, the office, a closet, or even under the kitchen sink. Box your stuff from that one area and label it. OK – you’ve started, and you’ve got something done.

Now repeat the process every day. Soon, you will see real progress being made and the job won’t seem so overwhelming.

Carefully Decide Upon Your Moving Method

If you’re moving a shorter distance—in the same city, for example—you can use local movers and stay with your stuff the entire time. Watch them put it on the truck, follow the truck to your new location, and watch them unload it. You can find good, experienced and reasonable movers on Craigslist. Of course, ask for references first and then check them.

If you are moving cross-country, consider a pod or cube, or a semi-trailer that you hire movers to pack. The pods are locked and only you can open them. The trailers may carry items from multiple parties, but many persons report no problems with this method. If you choose to use a standard old-school moving can company, do your diligence as there are many online resources to help you vet movers. Remember, don’t pay any kind of deposit ahead of time to moving van companies, as the reputable ones collect their fee after they bring your stuff.

Moving is a basic thing—pack it, load it, unload it and reorganize. If you’ve done it before, that’s a plus, but if this is your first time, don’t let any of that time go to waste. The more you take care of the preliminaries the less stressful this major event will be. Plus, if you handle it like a pro, you’ll save some money to put toward new tools for your DIY home renovations. A win for everyone involved!

By: Sam Radbil | www.Abodo.comt