A Realtor’s Guide to Home Staging

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Who could possibly know how to stage a house better than the person who is selling it? It turns out, there’s a secret or two to home staging, and we at Modernize want to know just what exactly those secrets are. Rather than cracking the code ourselves, we tapped a few realtors to create the ultimate guide to home staging and, ultimately, home selling.

10 ways to flawlessly stage your home

  • New Kitchen Appliances - If there is one thing that a buyer will notice, it’s new kitchen appliances (bonus points if they are stainless steel). This is not only a highlight for the buyer, but the seller as well, as it functions as a tool for negotiating a higher priced deal.
  • A master bathroom that appeals to men and women - Style the master bath so that both buyers can picture themselves using the space. Swap out the decorative hand towels with flowers and lace trim for a more neutral and modern look that the two will love.
  • Reposition furniture into small groupings to accentuate the space - Home staging gives you the opportunity to not only “wow” potential buyers with your great taste in furniture, but to give them an idea of what it would look and feel like to live here. Intimate groups of furniture elicits the sensation of a cozy and warm environment while also featuring the size and space of each room.
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  • Great, warm lighting - Use 3 types of lighting to create the perfectly-lit home: Ambient, in the form of overhead lights; 2) Task, with stylish side table lamps; 3) Accent lighting around focal points like paintings or track lighting in a hallway.
  • Neutral colors - An easy update for home staging is a fresh coat of paint. Use neutral colors that go beyond beige, like blues and greens to provide a feeling of warmth and space.
  • Display wall art creatively to draw a buyer’s attention to it - Arranging your wall art at eye level is a surefire way for buyers to completely miss your artwork. Realtors suggest hanging up wall art in creative ways to feature the potential of your home.
  • A variety of accessories - When you start decorating your home, choose an array of accessories with different sizes, textures, and shapes. Another trick is to arrange them in in small groups in the shape of a triangle for a dynamic display.
  • Fresh flowers - A vase full of freshly cut flowers from the florist—or even better, from the yard!—will liven up and refresh a space.
  • Clean and declutter - Truly, nothing beats a freshly cleaned space. Things like shining and buffering your wooden floors, and wiping down and dusting off shelves and tables help your home glisten and gleam to seriously impress your potential buyers.
  • Finish and complete unfinished projects - Nobody wants to walk into a home with loose floorboards and dated, peeling wall paper. Such unfinished projects can even be used to negotiate a lower price on your home, so make sure it’s all done before you invite buyers into take a good look around.