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The Best of the Best for Homeowners with Young Children

The days of running up the stairs to check on your kids are not over, but things are a bit easier in 2018 as they’ve been in the past — especially for homeowners and tenants with smaller kids. Let’s face it, it’s a parent’s job to constantly supervise their young children. The job comes with more responsibilities than anyone could ever imagine. So, why not make it easier on yourself using smart home technology?

Thanks to today’s innovations, you can go about your daily routine and also make sure your kids aren’t hurting themselves. And the best part – it does not involve watching their every move as in the past.

Whether you live in a Chicago apartment with just enough space for two parents and a newborn baby; or in a large Southwest Florida home, well, it doesn’t matter — smart home innovations can make life with a small kids much, much easier.

Check out these innovative products and how you can benefit from implementing them in your home.

Snuza Baby Movement Monitor

This device from Snuza clips on to the baby’s diaper and will sound an alarm if there has been no movement for 15 seconds. For those parents that are constantly getting up to make sure their baby is still breathing, this movement monitor could be a lifesaver for the baby and a sleep saver for the parents.

The Itzbeen Pocket Nanny

This gadget will keep track of many different things including:
• When the baby last napped.
• The last time you changed him.
• When she last ate.
• Even when you showered last!

Watch Over Me Dream Station Mobile

Back in the day, you’d put your kids to sleep with a fan and hope it worked. Sure, we all know that white noise works for adults as well as kids, and this invention allows you to dial in the perfect sleep environment as it will interface with existing lights and will also mask annoying noises. The Baby Shusher Soother is another white noise device that has generated a lot of good--but quiet(!)--buzz.

Summer Infant Pacifier Thermometer

Taking your baby’s temperature is easier the ever before, but we this think is brilliant. Just stick the pacifier end in your baby’s mouth and an accurate body temperature reading is instantly shown. Now that’s simple!

Cloud B Sleep Sheep

You might have slept with a ticking mechanical alarm clock under your pillow, but this little stuffed animal mimics mommy’s heartbeat. Other ocean-like white noise features are also available.

Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother

This screen, attaches to your baby’s crib and lights up with a colorful animated display. Many scenes are available, and you can control it remotely from any room in your home.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro

This item looks like a baby bottle espresso machine, but with the flip of a switch you can turn powder and water into properly heated formula. Very nice for the 2:00 a.m. witching hour.

Cibo Reusable Food Catching Placemat

Not too techy, but we had to include it. If your kid constantly throws food overboard, this ingenious stick-on tray will catch it and allow those puffs to be saved as they will not hit the floor!

Sure, it’s still an amazing amount of work to care for a baby or toddler, but the above smart and smarter items can make the whole process a lot more pleasant.

Author: Richard Radbil