Set your listing apart from the rest with cinematic video tour, magazine quality photos and sell 70% faster with our custom branded and unbranded tour.

Choose a package with standard, walkthrough or Hollywood video with the option to add aerial and 3D Showcase from Matterport.

** Turn around time is 24-48 hrs (Monday-Friday). Day of photo shoot does not apply. We strive to deliver within 24hrs.**

**There will be a $75 fee for weekend shoot. If you need next day delivery $100 fee.

Video + Photo Packages

Packages Include
Photos & Video
Photos +
Standard Video
Photos +
Walkthrough Video
3D Showcase
Cottage - Up to 1,500 ft2 $300 $400 $100 $200.00 Place Order
Residential - 1,501 to 2,500 ft2 $375 $475 $100 $250.00 Place Order
Estate - 2,501 to 3,500 ft2 $450 $550 $100 $0.10 ft2 Place Order
Estate Plus | 3501 ft2 and up Place Order
Hollywood Video Please call us @ 239-214-8800 and let's talk about it! Starting at $2500
Question: Let's say you have a house that's 2,350 ft2 and you want standard video and aerial?
Answer: Residential Package$375 + Aerial Add-On $100 = $475

Just Photos

# of Photos Description Price
Up to 25 25 Magazine Quality Photos $175
26 to 35 35 Magazine Quality Photos $225
36 to 45 45 Magazine Quality Photos $275

Add Ons

Product Description Price
Twilight Photos 4 Magazine Quality Photo $200
Amenities Photos 5 Magazine Quality Photo $25
Multi-page Booklet Promote you and your listing, 12 page, 50 print booklet $175 Branded tour uploaded to Included
YouTube Put your branded virtual tour on Included
SEO We try to rank your branded tour on the first page of google Included

Standalone Products

Product Description Price
Aerial Standalone Great to showcase location for a house or empty lot $200
3D Showcase up to 2,500 ft2 It's like having a 24/7 365 open house $0.15 ft2
3D Showcase over 2,501 ft2 It's like having a 24/7 365 open house $0.10 ft2


  • You have rights to use the pictures for MLS and for printing material (brochure, flyer, etc)
  • For news paper, magazine, etc, you can use it as long we get credit
  • Agent does not have rights to sell, give or trade photos, video or 3D Showcase
  • owns the pictures, video and 3D Showcase
  • We provide you with web and print format of the photos
  • Virtual tour will be hosted for 1 year with purchase of a 3D showcase, (standard, walkthrough or Hollywood) video

  • Premiere Sotheby's International agents have to pay an addition $50 to meet video standards required by Sotheby's.